Hastings County’s MPP is taking issue with the cost of concert tickets being scalped online.

This comes as many Canadians are upset about the price of Tragically Hip tickets being sold well above face value online.

Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith points to a change in the Ticket Speculation Act from last year, which gives legal protection to those scalping tickets online, and in turn, drives up the price.

Smith says the overarching issue is that it’s no longer fans who are buying the tickets.

He says the province may want to consider bringing in regulations which already exist in the province to tax the resale of concert tickets like any other investment.

Smith says the province could also limit the amount of tickets bots can buy.

Smith says another option is to regulate how much a ticket can be sold for online.

Smith says he is considering introducing this as a private members bill if the provincial government does not act to make tickets more affordable and accessible to the public.