The Muskokas are having an effect on property values in Madawaska Valley.

In a report published by Municipal Government Wayfinders, The township is being affected by rising property values in cottage country. As seasonal residents are closed out of buying cottages in townships like Muskoka Lake, they look for other regions to buy property, like Madawaska Valley. This is what they call the Muskoka Effect.

With residents moving into the township, the report warns that while it may benefit from an increased tax base, new residents may expect a higher level of service. Despite this, the report says that Madawaska Valley offers good value for its ratepayers.

Municipal Government Wayfinders says this is backed up in part by an online survey they conducted, which says that 56.1 percent of residents were satisfied with the township’s services. 30.2 percent said they were dissatisfied with the services.