Attendance has been down, but the run still goes on.

With the 39th Terry Fox Run set to kick off this weekend, Colette Mantifel says numbers had been dwindling when she took on organising the event three years ago. Mantifel says that she has experience organising ten years of Terry Fox Runs at Palmer Rapids Public School. She said she used to run in the Palmer Rapids run until it shut down. Mantifel said when she heard that Barry Bay’s run was losing runners, she wanted to pick up organising it. She’s hoping this year will bring out more people. She says she knew the event was shrinking when she took on the responsibility, and hopes to help it grow.

She says despite the lower turnout, the event still raises a lot of money. Last year, Mantifel says the event raised over $2000. She says she is very grateful for the turnout, and says she will continue to organise the event so long as people come out and raise money.

To raise money, she says you can go to the Terry Fox Website to register online. She also says pledge forms can be picked up at the pharmacy and metro. Mantifel says you can also show up and donate money right there and then.