Madawaska Valley Township residents got a preliminary look at the 2019 budget earlier this week.

At Monday’s special council meeting at Madawaska Valley Township Municipal Office, Acting Treasurer, Amanda Hudder, gave us a preview of where taxpayers’ money would be spent this year.

The Township says Overall Assessment Values for properties, determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, have increased by 2%. They say that this inevitably means that taxes will be going up, though the exact amount is still to be determined.

Hudder says “The final budget has not yet been determined and so the levy requirement from the taxpayer is not set. Based on infrastructure needs in the municipality, it is not likely that the levy requirement will decrease.”.

Some of the bigger capital projects included in the budget is the paving of Paugh Lake Road which is set to cost $300 000. Also, the replacement of the ice surface at the Paul J Yakabuski Community Centre is set to cost an estimated 1.3 million dollars. Other discussed projects were the paving of Lake Shore Drive, Wilowski Drive and Arbor Vitae Road. They also plan on replacing the siding of the Railway Station and the shingles on the Old Water Tower.

The final draft of the 2019 budget is expected to be approved on May 15th.