Commercial vehicles should be looking out for reduced load signs in the next few weeks.

Operations Manager of Madawaska Valley Township, Hilary Kutchkoskie says that once warmer weather starts settling in, signs will be put up to restrict heavy vehicles from traveling on municipal roads for the spring thaw.

Kutchoskie says that depending on Mother Nature, signs could be up as of next week and could stay up till the beginning of May.

He says that municipal roadways aren’t as thick as provincial roadways and adds that they don’t want to jeopardize the conditions of their roads. He adds that it’s a cost and safety issue.

With that said, he clarifies that signs will be subject to our smaller and rural roads. Provincial and County Highways like Highway 60 will not be affected by these signs.

Heavy commercial vehicles who get caught carrying more than 5 tons per axle on our municipal roads could see themselves driving away with a heavy fine.