Students won’t see their school schedule extend.

Jonathan Laderoute, Communications Manager for the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) says that they did expect a certain amount of bus cancellation days this winter and states that it’s business as usual for Renfrew County schools.

He says that the RCDSB isn’t like other school boards in the sense that morning bus cancellations automatically means it’s a snow day. Many school boards will cancel school for the day but with the RCDSB, schools are open and the show must go on. He adds that it only affects the students who solely rely on the bus to get to school.

He says that the recent string of bus cancellations is unusual to what they’re used to because they’re so condensed but adds that the board will make adjustments if needed in the future. Laderoute concludes by saying they’re hopeful they won’t need to go down that road and that they’re confident spring will soon arrive.