The OPP wants you to be aware of blank and flashing traffic light signals.

Constable Shawn Peever of the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP says they’ve received a number of complaints of near collisions involving hazardous drivers near these traffic lights.

He says the OPP wants to make sure drivers are aware of the rules of the road. Peever says that if you encounter a flashing red light you must come to a complete stop. He adds that if you see yellow or amber flashing light at an intersection it means to drive with caution in that area.

Peever adds that when you encounter traffic lights during power outages, you must yield the right of way to vehicles entering the intersection from their right. He adds that drivers are also advised to treat it like an all way stop sign intersection.  He says that this is especially important nowadays due to the numerous power outages that occurred in the last few weeks.

Peever says that snowmobilers also have to be vigilant when travelling off trails this weekend as it might be busier than it usually is.