A 39 year-old-woman is found guilty after she locked a dog in a garbage bin.

The Ontario SPCA released a statement saying that a Petawawa resident has been sentenced to a lifetime animal ban after members of the Military Police Regiment (Petawawa Detachment) found a dog locked in a trash bin secured with bungee cords.

The bin had been put to the road with a one year old Labrador-Shepherd alive inside. They say the dog must have been in there for several hours but was not hurt and has since found another home.

The Ontario SPCA was called to help investigate and the woman was charged with animal cruelty. On January 9th, they say she was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment where 20 of those days would be served under house arrest.

To report animal cruelty, contact the Ontario SPCA’s hotline 310-SPCA (7722).