Eganville is hosting a snowmobile show this weekend.

The Ottawa Valley Old Sledheads are holding their 19th annual old snowmobile show on Saturday. Kevin Percy, one of the organizers says that the competition will showcase the beauty of snowmobiles who will be divided in 14 different categories such as machines built before 1970, rat sleds, mini sleds, special interest snowmobiles and unusual snowmobiles to name a few. Percy says that you’ll also see newer machines as well as old snowmobiles who have been restored to look better than new.

When asked about one of his favourite machines, Percy says there’s a 1962 Snowbug from Sudbury that will be at the show. He says it’s particular because it has one ski and runs with a motorcycle engine. He adds that you need to kick start it where it will then ride like a motorcycle. Percy says that snowmobile fans will also be able to sell and buy machines and parts and mentions that it’s a great place to network and talk about snowmobiles.

The winners will be announced in the Snodrifters Clubhouse around 3:00 PM where the public will have access to refreshments.

The event grounds open at 8:00 AM and the show starts at 10:00 AM and goes till 3:00 PM at the Snodrifters Clubhouse in Eganville (Highway 41 & 60). Anyone can register their snowmobile to take part in the showing free of charge. If you wish to be a vendor, spaces are available for $10 for the day. Admission is $5 for spectators. For more information, click here.