Natural gas will help heat homes in Eganville, according to MPP John Yakabuski.

As part of the Natural Gas Expansion Program put forward by the Government of Ontario, 674 homes in the village will be connected to natural gas pipelines, courtesy of energy company Enbridge. The government is investing over $26 million to bring gas to the town. It is one of 43 connections being laid out in phase 2 of the Expansion Program. Natural gas is expected to save residents in Eganville up to $1,500 in energy costs.

Yakabuski said the announcement is huge news for the town. While he’s not sure on a timeline, as that is being handled by Enbridge, construction is set to begin soon. People in Eganville have been asking for this for a long time, especially farmers who need natural gas for their crops. He offered his congratulations on the successful bid to Bonnechere Valley Township, where Eganville is located, on being accepted by the Expansion Program.

As for potential future projects to the west of the village, Yakakbuski did not rule it out. However, because it is the decision of individual gas providers to connect communities, a future date to see natural gas sent to other parts of Renfrew County was still a question mark. But Yakabuski was aware that other places in the County had requested it, and those requests would continue as more households across the province are connected to natural gas pipelines.