It’s a blow for local food producers across Renfew County.
In a decision they call “difficult” and do “Very reluctantly”, the County has decided to cancel Taste of the Valley events for 2020. Economic Development Services manager Alistair Baird says that many safety issues due to COVID-19 means that they could not hold the event in good conscience. With large numbers of pedestrians arriving at venues, controlling access, ensuring physical distancing and the traffic issues that come with it, the County says the coronavirus has made it impossible to host special events as usual.
However, it’s not the complete end of the line for the festival. David Wybou, Taste of the Valley Coordinator, says work is being done on a virtual Taste of the Valley, here local food producers can sell things online, and can be bought all year round.
The County says event is an important marketing venue for local food producers, farmers, artists and crafters. Taste of the Valley has attracted up to 1500 visitors each year since it started in 2007.
Renfrew County encourages residents to continue to support local and to head to their local farmers market where available.