A resident of Riverview Heights has tested positive for COVID-19, according the the Renfrew County District Health Unit.

The RCDHU has found the case as part of their proactive testing strategy to find asymptomatic cases in long term care and retirement homes. The Unit says this is the first positive test in over 2700 conducted in the past two weeks in homes in Renfrew County and District. The RCDHU does say the test could be an error, similar to one found in a Renfrew County employee earlier this month.  The original test is being reassessed by the Public Health Lab as a result. The resident will also be retested.

However, despite the pending results, a COVID-19 outbreak has been declared in the residence, with the resident and contacts being isolated The RCDHU is working closely with Riverview Heights to make sure that all infection prevention and control measures are being taken.

The Unit also took this time to reinforce how important it is to continue efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19. They say these include practising physical distancing, washing your hands, staying home if you are ill and covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. They also say to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth unless you have recently washed your hands.

The Unit thanks residents for their efforts in fighting COVID-19, and are working to ensure optimal health for those in Renfrew County. They will provide an update in the coming days.