The Provincial government’s cuts have begun to hamper class options in the Renfrew County District School Board.
In a memo released last week, the RCDSB outlined class cuts for a number of schools in their jurisdiction. Board Chair Susan Humphries said the cuts to programming are a direct results of funding reductions by the province. Humphries said that it is not clear if the school board would be able to take many more cuts to its finances, saying the board would look at it by a case by case basis. She also added that student success would be put first. Humphries said that the cuts did not affect the Board’s push to offer french language courses in every school in the board. Humphries says that class sizes have also changed dramatically despite the province’s pledge to back off increasing sizes.
Here in the Bay, Madawaska Valley District High School has cut and merged some courses as a result. Grades nine and ten locally developed science, as well as some grade 12 college science and math classes have been cut. The board has also said that a number of courses in the school have been combined. These include locally developed and combined courses in grades 9 and 10, and a number of English courses. Out of the seven high schools under the board, only Valour High school saw no impact to class selection as a result of the cuts.