Madawaska Valley Township Mayor honoured the Wilno Heritage Society yesterday.

At yesterday’s council meeting at the Madawaska Valley Township Municipal Office, Mayor Kim Love awarded the 2018 Mayor’s Appreciation Award to the Wilno Heritage Society.

President of the Society Peter Glofcheskie pointed out that their success comes back to the community. He took the time to thank those who have participated in the society’s events and who continue to help out year after year.

Glofcheskie says that in the months of July and August the Polish Kashub Heritage Museum & Skansen have attracted 2500 visitors. He adds that with Kashub Day and Canada Day, their park has an annual traffic of 6000-7000 visitors a year which is a remarkable feat for such a small community.

Joined by other proud supporters of the black and gold, he says that since he started as President eight years ago, despite losing certain old-aged members, he says they still have 400 members and sponsors.

For more information on the Wilno Heritage Society, click here.