The OPP has some tips on how to avoid hitting a deer. There were several motor vehicle collisions involving deer in the last couple of weeks. No injuries were reported.

Leeds County OPP says the highest risk times for deer collisions are from sunset to midnight and shortly before and after sunrise. Deer rarely travel alone, so if you see a deer there may be others nearby.

The OPP says it’s important for people to use their high beams when there is no oncoming traffic to better illuminate the eyes of deer.

People are reminded to brake firmly when they see a deer and stay in their own lane. The OPP says serious crashes happen when people swerve and hit another vehicle or lose control of their own.

Most people who are injured in a car-deer collision are not wearing a seat belt, so the OPP says buckling up is key.

If you’re involved in a collision with a deer that leads to personal injury or damage over $2,000, it must be reported to police.

Written by: Jennifer Westendorp