Turkeys weren’t the only ones watching out for danger on this thanksgiving long weekend. Drivers were as well.

Before the weekend began, the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP had put forward operation impact. This operation put emphasis on watching out for the four major factors that cause motor vehicle collision deaths. The “Big 4” are distracted driving, speeding, impaired driving and not wearing your seat belt.

After the long thanksgiving weekend, the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP’s constable Shawn Peever mentioned that he was content. “We did not have any traffic fatalities in our detachment area” he said before adding that they didn’t have any cases of impaired driving, something he is quite happy about.

The good came with the bad. Constable Peever added that there were a large number of speeding charges (103) as well as 8 cases of drivers charged under the stunt driving legislation for going at least 50 km/h over the speed limit.

Although constable Peever was encouraged by what he saw this weekend, he stresses that, with the changing weather, drivers should adjust their driving habits. One way constable Peever says drivers can do so it by changing their winters tires on time, leaving earlier when going somewhere, and giving more space to other drivers on the road.