Even with the fire ban on, Madawaska Valley Fire Department has been busy.
The Madawaska Valley Fire Department were called out to a bush fire on Mintha Street. The department got the call around 3 PM on Monday when a neighbour noticed smoke after arriving home. The department said that the fire had tripled in size by the time they had arrived. They say they had the fire extinguished in 20 minutes, after it claimed a half acre of brush and grass. They suspect the fire had started because of a pile of ashes that had been dumped in the bush. MVFD is taking this opportunity to remind residents that there is still a total fire ban in the Madawaska Valley Township.
But bush fires have not been the only problems for the Fire department. They say that 12 signs that have been posting the total fire ban have been stolen so far this year. They say that tampering with a fire sign could net a person a $305 ticket.