Living with grief can get better.

That is the message propagated by the Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care. Lisa Hubers, executive director of the hospice understands that when people grieve, they need support and that’s why the hospice is coming to help.

Starting Wednesday afternoon, the Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care are putting on a 6-week grief support group, every Wednesday, free of charge. Hubers mentions that this group is meant for anyone who wants a safe space in order to talk about what they are experiencing. She also says that this group will not force anyone to talk and that the flow will be easy going to make sure everyone is at ease. This series of afternoons will be curated by Dawn Cruchet, a grief and bereavement expert.

Take the right steps to grieving and join them Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-3:00 at the Ash Grove Inn in the fireside lounge. Reserve your spot by calling 613-756-3045 extension 350, because as Hubers states, once the first session starts, it is closed off. For those who want to dive and talk about the topic of death without necessarily being in grieving state, you can also attend Death Cafe on October 30 at the Ash Grove Inn from 7:00-9:00 PM.

For more information on the Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care, click here.