You’re going to notice more signs to warn you about turtles along Highway 62 this summer.

That’s according to local Turtle Advocate Kelly Wallace, who says six more turtle awareness signs will be put up between highways 7 and 28.

Wallace says the signs, which will go up in the next few weeks, are important to bring awareness to the risks turtles face on the road. She says being killed by vehicles, along with habitat loss and poaching, are the three biggest threats that have caused seven of eight turtle species in Ontario to be classified as at-risk.

Wallace says the Ministry of Transportation approved having the signs put up after receiving a lot of data about turtle sightings and high-risk areas from the community. Wallace says she wants to see these efforts continue this year.

Wallace says, on top of seeing more signs put up, she also hopes to see wildlife underpasses and fencing built along the road to protect animals from being hit by vehicles. She also acknowledges that this will take time and money to do.

Anyone who wants to report turtle sightings can email Wallace at You can also click here to find out more.

(Written by: Andreas Pandikiu)