As the upcoming municipal elections approach, your Madawaska Valley mayoral candidates are still battling for your votes. Elser Lee Faith Archer, Andrey Kaminski and present mayor Kim Love agreed to briefly show off their beliefs on the future of Madawaska Valley politics.

When it comes to bringing something new to the Madawaska Valley Township, Andrey Kaminski mentions that his background in business will help bring new residents to the area. He also said that he has good focus ideas and leadership which in the end, will bring people together.

When asked about the kinds of changes he would like to see, Mr. Kaminski mentioned that he would like to improve the garbage removal system. He also said “I feel we should bring back a community welcome plan” which he states would help newcomers feel welcomed as well as encourage local businesses.

Reports on the other mayoral candidates will be published in the upcoming days. In order to be fair and unbiased, the order of these reports have been randomly published.

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