As the upcoming municipal elections approach, your Madawaska Valley mayoral candidates are still vying for your votes. Elser Lee Faith Archer, Andrey Kaminski and present mayor Kim Love agreed to briefly show off their beliefs on the future of Madawaska Valley politics.

When asked about the kinds of changes she would like to see, Councillor Archer, mentioned that she would like to see the current water system expand in order for it to become less expensive for current users. She mentions that the more people pay, the cheaper it becomes for the rest of the population.

Should she become mayor, Councillor Archer also elaborated on the first issue she would tackle. She mentions that she would like to see more team building opportunities for council. “I don’t think council can be effective without working as a team” she said. She also states that healthy conflict is good but that the key is to have respectful communication.

Reports on the other mayoral candidates will be published in the upcoming days. In order to be fair and unbiased, the order of these reports have been randomly published.

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