The police were called out to today’s Bancroft Council meeting after protesters stormed into a closed session.

A water rally was held today in protest of Bancroft’s high water and sewer rates. It was also an effort to have council repeal a 53 per cent rate increase introduced at the beginning of 2017.

Moose FM spoke to some of those taking part in the rally to ask about why they were there.

Mayor Paul Jenkins says council was in a closed session, and had asked protesters to leave before calling police. He says everyone has the right to protest, but the town’s bylaws do not allow for ad-hock presentations or disruptions to council. He says anyone can request a delegation in advance.

Jenkins says the town is required to recover costs associated with its water treatment plant. If it’s not done by increasing water and sewer rates, he says it may have to come out of taxes. He says the town is looking at every avenue to address the issue.

(Written by: Andreas Pandikiu)