You’re being asked to weigh-in on the future of forest management in Algonquin Park.

This comes as a Forest Management Plan is being developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Algonquin Forestry Authority, and the Algonquin Park Forest Local Citizens’ Committee.

The plan will dictate how resources from the park are used over a 10-year-span starting in 2020. It will also outline forestry activities in the park, like harvesting, renewing and maintaining resources to sustain the ecology.

As part of the first phase of public consultation, you’re being asked to give some background details on ecological features in the park that could be affected by forestry. You can also weigh-in on what conditions and benefits you think Algonquin Park’s forest can have.

The plan is expected to take three years to develop. During that time, there will be four more phases of public consultation. Click here to find out more.

(Written by: Andreas Pandikiu)