Hastings Highlands Council is looking into discrepancies with how residents are being billed for policing based on MPAC assessments.

This comes after the Township of Greater Madawaska found issues with how residents are being billed for OPP services.

The Township of Madawaska Valley has also raised police pricing concerns on multiple occasions.

These include homes with secondary suites attached to them being charge two property counts, but a shopping centre with multiple stores is only charged once.

Municipalities are unable to audit the OPP for calls for service in its area, and don’t have a way of making sure they get their fair share of service.

Another issue is that assessments don’t charge some properties enough municipal tax dollars to equally cover their share of policing.

For example, Hastings Highlands is only allowed to charge a property, even a commercial property, a maximum of just over $260 for policing.