Residents on Dam Lake Road in the Madawaska Valley may be affected by a proposed change from Canada Post.

Madawaska Valley’s Operations Committee reviewed a letter from a concerned resident who says she’s been told by Canada Post the local mailbox will be relocated.

In the correspondence between the resident and Canada Post’s Local Area Superintendent, Geoff Clouthier, he cited seasonal road conditions as one of the reasons.

Manager of Public Works Hilary Kutchkoskie pointed out the township hasn’t received any complaints in that area related to snow removal or winter-road maintenance in that area.

The committee, which includes three township councillors and the mayor, discussed the issue and raised concerns over both the lack of communication from Canada Post and that it may be using road conditions as a scapegoat.

Mayor Kim Love and Councillor Faith Archer both raised specific concerns over mobility of seniors and how changes like this can have serious effects.

The committee will wait for more information from Canada Post.