A number of North Hastings residents are trying to send a message to Queen’s Park that the cost of hydro in rural communities is too high.

A gathering was held this morning on Bancroft’s Woodview Lane, giving residents a space to voice their concerns.

Marsha tells Moose FM she pays more each month for her hydro bill than her mortgage.

Jennifer tells Moose FM she spends more on her hydro bill each month than she does on rent.

Marlene says, despite living on her own, she pays $148 for hydro each month.

Betty tells Moose FM, every day, she speaks to people who are suffering as a result of the issue.

Organizers for the gathering have three requests for the provincial government when it comes to Hydro rates.

The first is for the Ontario Energy Board to create more subsidies for those who qualify. The second is that Hydro One stop disconnecting customers until the subsidies are created. The third is that Hydro One no longer use load restrictors.