“It’s Providential”: President speaks on March 9th car crash at Barry’s Bay Catholic College

College President Christine Schintgen at the crash site
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The president of a Catholic College in Barrys Bay, says it feels like providence that there were no serious injuries after a car crashed into the side of one of their buildings on March 9th.  

The driver of the vehicle was driving on Dunn st, when they lost control during what was described by the OPP as a medical incident. 

College president Christine Schintgen described what happened: 

“The car had turned from Siberia Rd onto Dunn St., and so had gone diagonally across, and clipped a parked car and then ran into the South wall of what we call Saint Mary Hall, which is one of our main campus buildings” 

According to the OPP the driver was seen by paramedics on site and no hospital visit was required. 

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“It was a Saturday morning” Said Schintgen, “so fortunately, and this is really providential, nobody was actually in that area, so nobody was seriously hurt” 

Schintgen also spoke about how the accident was discovered, 

“Some students were around for a club meeting but in another part of the building, and so eventually came around and saw that something had happened and called 911” 

The impact on the building, which is the campus library, caused a crack in the inside wall and the books to fall off the shelves, as well as the hole where the car impacted the exterior wall.  

The college says they are currently looking for an interim solution to the library while they work to replace the damaged wall, which, they say, is covered by their insurance  

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