Owners of lakefront property in Hastings Highlands must now have a 30 metre vegetative buffer.

In addition to the new buffer, septic systems must also now be 30 metres away from the shoreline. Development can be permitted within 30 metres of an intermittent creek. Shoreline structures like docks, boathouses or boat launches are permitted to be built in this 30 metre buffer, if permitted. Plus, if a code-compliant building, legal building has been constructed in the buffer zone, it will be allowed to remain as is.

The bylaw puts the Municipality in line with the County of Hastings’ official plan. The increased vegetation is to protect the shoreline from erosion and to increase water quality. On lakes that cross county lines like Kamaniskeg and Bark, this only will apply to those shorelines that are part of Hastings County and not Renfrew County.