A fundraising event is being put together to support hospitals and long-term care homes here in Barry’s Bay.

The “Rockathon” is being organized by the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation, which collects money for places like St. Francis Memorial Hospital, the Valley Manor long-term care home, and Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care.

The event is based on a similar one organized by Valley Manor staff more than ten years ago, where participants committed to rocking a chair back and forth for an entire day while collecting donations.

“Proceeds from the Rockathon will help support the needs of local healthcare, including a much-needed update to the lifts at the Valley Manor long term care home, which help with the safe transfer of residents,” says Christine Hudder, the foundation’s Donor Relations Coordinator.

The event is being held at the Railway Station in Barry’s Bay on June 17th, as long as the weather is appropriate that day. Organizers say live entertainment will be there for both visitors and participants.

If you’re interested in taking part, you can sign up and start collecting pledges by contacting the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation over the phone, email, or by visiting their office in Barry’s Bay.