A Hastings Highlands couple has lost an appeal and will see cuts to the care of their elderly mother.

Katie and Noel Loebe received a notice from the South East Community Care Access Care that it would be cutting PSW hours for Katie’s mother, who suffers from dementia, from 21 hours to 15 hours a week.

The couple says they are concerned they are seeing a trend in the community of reductions to PSW hours which places greater burden on caregivers, and forces them to put loved ones on a list for long-term care far away from home.

The decision to cut service hours for a number of families came last September.

An SE-CCAC spokesperson says these cutbacks are to better serve 14,000 patients a day, some of whom require significant support.

The SE-CCAC says it has to work within its budget to serve a steady increase of patients.

The SE-CCAC says an increase of employees in administrative positions making over $100,000 a year, from 13 to 34 over the past two years, was not a factor in the cut to service hours.

A strike in 2015 which led to a 1.4 per cent annual increase to two-year contracts for the 212 employees part of the SE-CCAC is also not being considered a factor.