Ontario’s Deputy Premier Christine Elliot says the current bump in daily COVID-19 cases province-wide is no surprise.

Elliot says the provincial government knows that the numbers have gone up, and that it anticipated it would happen as the weather turned colder driving more people indoors.

“Dr. Moore anticipated that would happen and so what we are seeing right now are largely regional outbreaks which we’re going to be dealing with regionally, so we are taking steps and we’re going to be monitoring it each and every day,” she says.

Elliot says if cases do take a sharper jump, more restrictions are not off the table.

In the meantime, she says any regional restrictions would primarily be up to the local Medical Officers of Health.

Elliot says that’s because they know their areas very well and would know where the outbreaks may be happening and what steps need to be taken.

However, she adds that any steps are always taken in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and his team.

***Written by Mo Fahim