Some much-needed repairs for the Paul J. Yakabuski Centre will be funded thanks to the Madawaska Valley Municipal Council.

Council voted in a meeting on November 2nd to fund $1 million in repairs to the Community Centre. Council unanimously approved the replacement of both the rink’s ice slab and rink boards. No other repairs were approved.

Township Council voted to fund these repairs from their reserves rather than take out a loan. As part of the approval for repairs, council would replenish the funds for the Community Centre’s reserves over the next 10 years. Funds were also drawn from the Landfill Rehabilitation Reserve and the Leachate Collection Reserve and will be repaid over the next 10 years as well.

It is unclear if the $1 million will be enough to fund the repairs entirely. A report from Treasurer Amanda Hudder says because of unstable construction costs, the economy and contingency costs, a firm cost of the repairs is not available until a contractor gives a quote.