Ontario’s Science Advisory Table says provincial COVID-19 case counts are expected to remain stable, even with more social contacts.

However, that depends on the province keeping public health measures like masking, vaccine certificates, ventilation in closed spaces, and symptom screening. New modelling data shows those public health measures, along with Ontarians’ behaviour, have succeeded in controlling the pandemic’s fourth wave.

The table says new cases of COVID-19, as well as virus-related hospital and ICU occupancy, have all taken a dive. Data shows both testing numbers and test positivity are flat province-wide. Short-term projections place Ontario at a maximum of 600 new cases by the end of November. The best-case scenario has the province reporting 150 new cases or less by that same time.

This afternoon, Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce his government’s long-term plan for reopening the province.

Written by Mo Fahim