With six candidates running in the riding, each one has different issues they would like to highlight.

Moose FM asked each candidate about some of the major issues they find important.

Cheryl Gallant, the Conservative candidate, lists gun control as one of her top issues. While Gallant knows that gangs and guns are an issue in Toronto, she feels the federal government is targeting law-abiding citizens with their legislation. She’s pledging to focus on policing and working with the United States to make sure guns don’t get to the US border in the first place. She wants to tackle organized crime so that law-abiding citizens can keep their firearms. In addition, Gallant wants to focus on affordability and hopes to make food, cell and internet service more affordable by creating more competition in the market, all while putting a stop to tax increases.

Cyndi Mills, the Liberal candidate for the riding, says she and her party is also concerned with affordability. She supports the Liberal’s $10-a-day childcare plan, which she says will see a 50 percent cut to childcare costs in the first year its implemented. She says her party also plans to hire 7,500 more doctors across the country and use incentives to bring them to rural places like Renfrew County. She also highlighted broadband issues as some of the most important facing the region, saying that her party will build on the $8 billion already allocated to improve internet speeds in the region.

NDP candidate Jodi Primeau highlighted the need for public transportation in rural areas. She said it was unacceptable that no public transit exists through Highway 17, as many people need to get to places like Ottawa for things like medical appointments. She wants a bus service running from North Bay to Ottawa by September 2022. This service would stop at every town along the way, allowing for people to get to appointments, go to neighbouring towns, and shop at small businesses.

People’s Party of Canada candidate David Ainsworth says his party aims to bring a different perspective to issues and is not promising any money for new programs while the national debt remains high. He believes that governments have thrown too much money at issues and have not been accountable for that kind of spending. He wants to make sure taxpayer money is properly spent, scrap useless programs and make others more efficient. In addition, Ainsworth wants to drop barriers to interprovincial trade, and clarify the responsibilities of federal and provincial governments to make sure there is no overlap.

Michael LaRiviere, the candidate for the Green Party, says dealing with environmental issues will solve many others. He believes the focus on green energy will provide the people of the riding with stable jobs, a good standard of living and improved healthcare. Healthcare in particular is an important issue to LaRiviere, who says the system has been eroded to the point of collapse. He says there is a need for mental healthcare, proper pharmacare, and dental care. He is also a supporter of direct democracy systems that have been used in other countries.

Finally, Independent candidate Stefan Kleitch is pledging to make changes to the structure of government itself. Also a supporter of Direct Democracy, Kleitch says he would change the constitution to allow the public to table bills in parliament. He is also a supporter of expanding the number of people in parliament, and slashing salaries for MPs and ending subsidies for political parties. He supports giving a cash incentive for people to vote and wants to heavily tax the slaughter of animals to reduce food waste. He also opposes the proposed above-ground waste facility being built by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.