The county-wide food and culture event has found a new home online.

Taste of the Valley, which is run by Renfrew County, has not been able to run any live events this year due to COVID-19.

However, because organizers saw that because farmers and artisans were operating in farmer’s markets, they wanted to make a website that would connect both locals and tourists to these producers in the County.

Renfrew County Warden Debbie Robinson praised the new website, saying “The new website for the Taste of the Valley will provide safe, year-round support for people to learn about and have options to purchase local from food and beverage producers as well as local artisans,”

Organizers say the website currently has around 150 food producers and artisans already. They expect more to sign up and register in the coming days. Organizers encourage everyone to visit farmer’s markets across the region when they are out and about in the County this summer.

For a full list of vendors, visit