Renfrew County ATV (RCATV) Club is holding a number of safety courses over the next few weeks.

RCATV President Teresa Hebb says due to the growing interest in ATV riding and the difficulty of Renfrew County trails, the Club felt the need to train new riders. With both youth and new buyers going out for a ride, Hebb says the one-day course will help them build confidence and awareness of the risks of going ATVing.

Hebb says the course is designed to make riders comfortable travelling on terrain that has rocks, water, inclines and declines that aren’t typically found in parts of Southern Ontario. The course will teach new riders how to traverse hills, deal with obstacles, and how to properly swerve or make a rapid stop. The course is all outside, hands-on, and is designed to test those skills on a vehicle.

To check for the next training course, visit the RCATV website or their Facebook page. Hebb also says you need to bring your own ATV and make sure the lights and breaks are in good working order. In addition, you need to bring your own helmet and wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, eye protection and gloves.