By popular demand, Upper Ottawa Valley OPP Operation Decibel is back for a second year.

Starting August 16th, the detachment will be enforcing section 75 of the Highway Traffic Act, which states that every motor vehicle must be equipped with a muffler to prevent unusual noise or excessive smoke. They will also be on the lookout for those with muffler cut-outs, straight exhausts, gutted mufflers or any device in a vehicle that will cause unnecessary noise.

Constable Shawn Peever with the detachment says they received a positive response and support from the community when they ran Operation Decibel for the first time last year. Through phone calls to the detachment and dispatch and tips through Crimestoppers, the public provided licence plate numbers to help police find offenders and deal with them.

Peever points to many negative aspects of having modified mufflers. They disturb the peace, and make it difficult for those in the community to live comfortable lives. In addition, the exhaust modifications in question have pollution controls removed.

For those who have modified their mufflers, Peever urges them to be proactive and revert to the stock muffler. He hopes to gain public compliance through education but will enforce the law if need be.

Moose FM has reached out to Killaloe OPP to see if any similar initiative will be undertaken by their department. Community Safety, Media, Mobilization, Mental Health Coordinator Catherine Yarmel says they do not have the same enforcement initiative for their detachment at this time.