Due to the time it takes to grow the butterflies that will be released during their Butterfly Release event, Lisa Hubers, Executive Director for Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care (MVHPC) is urging people to get their orders in before the Friday deadline.

Hubers says the company that provides the butterflies needs to know a final number by July 9th. This is because the company from Peterborough needs time to raise the butterflies to maturity so that by the time of the release, they are ready to fly. Each one is chilled and put in a container, which is then shipped to places they are ordered from. Hubers says a very specific method of warming up the butterflies will be provided to those who want to release them. Because of this, people who pick up the butterflies are asked to bring a cooler with them when they come to pick them up. Once they are ready, they will be able to fly off on their own.

Funds raised by the Release will go to the Grief and Bereavement section of Hospice Palliative Care. Hubers says that the work is important in helping families deal with the loss of a loved one. Especially during the Pandemic, families did not have that kind of support when someone passed, and those at Palliative Care understand that someone needs that outlet. Staff understand that everyone deals with grief in their own unique way, and are there to help someone work through their feelings.

Hubers hopes that this event will help people come together and celebrate the life of people who have passed, as many people could not do so properly during the pandemic.

People who still want to reserve their butterfly need to connect MVHPC or call the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. They will be able to reserve their butterfly and pick their pickup location. They can also into the MVHPC or Valley Healthcare Foundation websites to reserve their slot.