In honour of ATV Safety Week, Teresa Hebb, Renfrew County ATV (RCATV) Club President says what you ride is important to your safety.

The most pressing safety issue according to Hebb is that a lot of collisions that happen on ATVs are the result of inexperienced drivers riding machines that are too powerful for them. This is why the OFATV is focusing on Training. With training, good habits will be reinforced and make it safe for yourself and other people. If you are trained and know the rules, Hebb says you’ll know how to react, what to do, and when to stop in any situation. RCATV Club has 2 ATV trainers to help keep younger riders safe.

The Club’s biggest priority is to make sure the trails are safe. They do this by having volunteers out on the route checking for hazards. They are also using the What3Words app, a mapping app that allows ATVers to mark where unsafe trails are and will help police or paramedics find you in an emergency situation.

In addition, Hebb says to install side mirrors, c hoose the safest rather than the quickest route and go the speed limit specific for ATVers. This is 20 KPH in a posted 50 zone, and 50 KPH in an 80.