As they cannot put on their fundraisers this year due to COVID, the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is asking the public to help out.

Allison Layman, Donor Relations Coordinator with the Foundation, says they would like people to put on safe, third-party fundraisers to help raise money for local healthcare. These events can be done on social media or other virtual platforms.

As to what the actual fundraiser is, Layman says that is up to the individual donors. Things like bikeathons, or COVID safe sales are just a few of the ways you can raise money.

To host one of these events, Layman would need to have a quick chat with anyone interested in hosting. Although people seeking individual pledges will just need some quick guidance on how to set the fundraiser up, events that partner with businesses would need some extra details to move forward. Potential fundraisers would need to contact the Foundation at [email protected]

Layman says that the past year has made fundraising difficult for the Foundation, with many of their events postponed until 2022. She hopes that with this push in fundraising, they can continue to raise money for local healthcare in the Madawaska Valley.