Construction continues on the Green Acres Subdivision.

Construction over the past month around the Sandhill Drive area is just the first step in putting in new lots in town. The construction around the Sandhill Drive area is the first step in putting in new housing lots. Building and Planning Assistant with Madawaska Valley Township Andrew Peplinski says the new road, called Birchview Road, will be home to eight residential lots. The work is being spearheaded by Maple Root Development, and partnering with Andrew J Yantha Contracting LTD.

The current construction will see a road put in, with water, sewer and hydro connections installed at a later date. The road will also be lit by street lamps. Peplinski gave no indication when the work would be finished, or when people will see the first houses will be built. However, the road will be the final piece of the subdivision, and no further construction will be done after the road is completed. He says the Township is working as quickly as possible and asks residents nearby for their patience.