Family and Children’s Services is looking for ways they can best serve parents in remote parts of Renfrew County.

Kathy Davis, Executive Director Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County, is urging parents in Madawaska Valley and beyond to send in their input ahead of their new strategic plan next year. While the Service offers all its programs to the remote parts of Renfrew County, Davis wants them to be as accessible as possible. The pandemic has made giving these programs easier, but as broadband issues remain, they are looking for ways to best deliver the services.

Davis says while they don’t have an office in Barry’s Bay, they do have people in the area that are willing to offer help to families with a variety of needs. Their programs include things from youth engagement, virtual math and reading lessons and early years education. They offer grocery help to families, something they have started doing with the pandemic and is fully funded by the County. Davis says the Service recognizes the importance of mental health, and the need to address it in the current pandemic. They work closely with the Renfrew County Pheonix Centre to get kids the mental health support they need.

Parents who want to submit input can email [email protected]