With Tennis now allowed to return, the Lakeshore Tennis Club is itching to get back at it.

Harold Bugdahn, Chair of the Club, says they are fairly excited. However, the news came very suddenly, and he doesn’t know if they have to follow any specific restrictions as of yet. Bugdahn says the plan is to follow the guidelines they used last year. Five people will be allowed on the court at a time, and doubles teams must be from the same household.

However, there is only room for casual tennis, according to Bugdahn. Because restrictions are not eased completely, they will not allow competitive tennis at this time. They will not schedule tournaments or events this year, as keeping physically distant would be impossible. Those plans, he says, will hopefully come next year. For now, he has seen people come out already for membership and thinks that a lot of the regular players are keen to get back to playing.

Bughdan says to check out the township website to find applications online. He suggests getting in touch with the township to work out how to get a key. Bughdan and the Club welcomes everyone to come out and enjoy some tennis.