The Madawaska Valley Gardening Club is innovating this year so they can continue their plant sale.

While their Annual Plant Sale is unable to go ahead in person this year, they are moving to a curbside pickup model that’s been used by businesses during the pandemic. Each Club member will compile a list of plants they have for sale and will distribute that amongst their group. Plants will then be listed for sale and potential buyers will send emails or give a phone call to the club member who has them. Plants will then be delivered directly to the buyer, and the money will then go to the Club treasurer to fund the group’s ongoing projects.

Spokesperson for the Club Terry Newcombe says the money will go to a number of projects they have on the go, with some funds going into buying new plants and trees to plant in different parts of the township. As well, the Club sets up a bursary for high school students going into a biology or botany related program. This year, they are donating to a new Renfrew-wide group that helps children without parents create their own gardens, learning how to grow food and flowers. They also will donate to the Madawaska Valley Library to build their native flower garden display.

The Club is optimistic they will be able to go ahead with their Garden Tour on July 11th and their Flower and Vegetable Show in August. While they haven’t been holding their monthly meetings that include guest speakers, they are hoping to start them up again using Zoom.