The Warden of Renfrew County is urging residents to make their voices heard in their support of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (ERON)

Warden Debbie Robinson has joined EORN Chair J. Murray Jones and the Eastern Ontario Mayors Caucus Chair Diane Therrien in calling on residents to contact MPs and MPPs and ask them to support the gig project initiative. The initiative aims to deliver up to 1000 megabits of upload and download speed in a move that Robinson believes will fix broadband internet once and for all. The push comes as the gig project has not yet received the approval of $200 million from each level of government. Although the Warden says over $7 billion has been committed between the two governments for broadband expansion, she stresses that more must be done.

Robinson stresses that access to broadband is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With children expected to learn online and the healthcare system expected to provide virtual care. She says with consistent broadband connections, people can receive care or be educated in real-time. She also called it critical to the region’s economic recovery and growth.

Robinson hopes that with public support, both levels of government will support a regional approach in getting broadband to the residents of Eastern Ontario.