You may see some discoloration in your water this week if you live in Barry’s Bay.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency is conducting its annual spring fire hydrant flush from May 4th to the 7th. Ashley Pilgrim, Senior Operations Manager with the Agency, says the flushing will last between 7 AM and 3:30 PM. The program is to remove sediment from the water mains to make sure they stay in good condition and to make sure the pump systems are in good working order.

However, some people may notice that their tap water will either be discoloured or flow at low pressure during the flushing. Pilgrim says the pressure loss should only be temporary and is due to them working on the hydrants. However, he recommends avoiding using water when your area is being flushed. If you experience low pressure or discoloration, users should run cold water through the tap for a few minutes each morning to clear any discoloured water from the plumbing. Pilgrim says that pressure and colour issues can occur several blocks away from a flushing site and that it is impossible to know just how many customers will be affected.