The Bancroft Relay for Life team says all are welcome from Madawaska Valley and beyond to join them this year.

As Barry’s Bay does not have its own event, Organizer Flo VanderMeer says they would be delighted to have anyone from the surrounding communities join them as they are pushing to become one of the top 5 national fundraising teams at this year’s Relay. In addition, Audrey Mackey one of the top contributors in years past, is looking to become the top contributor nationally this year. Vandermeer says that she is able and willing to take as many donations as possible. Vandermeer believes that Team Bancroft can reach such high accolades because the community has been able to hit such high goals in the past, and says they would love to get in contact with people from surrounding communities to grow the team.

This year’s event, called Your Way For Hope, will be held on June 12th at 8 PM. Anyone can join the event, including those from other areas surrounding the town. Anyone can join whether you register or not, but registering would be appreciated. In addition, she’s urging everyone to participate or donate in some way. Participants can run, walk, bike, or do anything that gets them moving. Some people who are doing walks have been committed to running a certain amount of kilometres. VanderMeer also says that memorial luminaries are available to purchase for $5. Their hope is to have a physically distanced memorial service on the day of the run.

This year’s goal is $30,000, due to the lower number of attendees that come out during the virtual runs, although VanderMeer says they would be delighted to exceed this goal. In the past, the Bancroft Team was able to raise as much as $90,000.

To donate or register, click here.