It’s rewarding, it’s good for kids’ mental and physical health, and it could even get them to eat their vegetables.

The Renfrew County Community Resource Centre (CRC) is offering a brand new Garden Party Program to help encourage kids to plant vegetables. The project, part of the Game-On project, will start in May and last through the summer. Game-on Project Coordinator Cheryl Kausfeldt-Supersad says the Centre will send you a kit with a journal to help kids plan their garden. They will learn a bit about growing food and then the Centre will send them some seeds to encourage them to start them off. The contest is open to local school-aged children.

With the current pandemic, the CRC has had to get creative. However, Kausfeldt-Supersad found their spring break camp in April was very well received. Gardening makes a special connection between families, and she says it’s rewarding to see something grow and come up out of the ground. If children can spend time with parents and grandparents, the intergenerational aspect of the activity makes it even more rewarding. It allows parents to pass traditions on and is a source of pride for many families. Kausfeldt-Supersad even says there’s a benefit in having your kids eat their vegetables. When they see it grow, they know where it comes from, and when they’re engaged in its growth, they are more likely to eat it. By growing it themselves, children find their veggies more enticing and less threatening. Kausfeldt-Supersad also listed several bonuses to mental and physical health and believes that gardening is a holistic way to approach healthy living for kids.

To get started, send an email to [email protected], and they will send off a registration package.