Now that students in Renfrew County are learning from home the board is getting ready to equip students for online learning by handing out laptops and WiFi devices.  

The Information Technology Department will deliver them to schools this week. These devices will be given out to families with no internet, with one device per family maximum. Afterwards, those with internet that is unable to support online learning will be next in line. All other requests will be up to local principals.

The School Board will then get teachers to set up a daily schedule with students and families who aren’t already doing remote learning. For elementary students, details will be provided to students, parents and guardians by the end of Monday, April 19th. Learning will start on the 20th.  For secondary students, teachers will connect with them on April 19th and 20th. Attendance for those students will begin to be taken starting the 21st. The Special Services Department will be in touch with students with special needs to navigate the changes.

The School Board is continuing to offer access to their mental health services, which you can find on their website.  For any questions, the Board asks that you direct them to your child’s school.