Volunteer appreciation week has been declared in Madawaska Valley for the week of April 18th.

Mayor Kim Love said the Township is looking for new ways to recognize volunteers. Volunteer organizations are essential to the community, making significant contributions, stepping up to meet the needs of vulnerable people, finding creative ways to support the wellbeing of the community, and even on the front lines helping people get vaccinated. With so much going on, Love felt she and council haven’t recognized these efforts as they should be.

The appreciation awards and the week as a whole is very important to council, as volunteers are contributing in ways the municipality can’t afford to. All recreation is volunteer run, from the Township’s own Recreation Committee to those who run Wilno rink. While Love says it’s unfortunate that they can’t do a get-together and hold a celebration in person, making sure there is an annual celebration is key, and the Township plans to continue these volunteer awards even after the pandemic is over. These events will be held in Barry’s Bay, Combermere and Wilno so that everyone can see that the community is united in their love of volunteers.

There are several categories for volunteers, and the nomination form can be found here. Submissions can be made at recreation@madawaskavalley.ca or can be mailed directly to the township office. The deadline is May 15th.